Flexible offices: what are they and what’s included?

Flexible offices: what are they and what’s included?

Flexible offices: what are they and what’s included?

Flexible offices: what are they and what’s included?

There’s a new normal and you need office space that’s flexible enough to meet the needs of your team. Flexible offices adapt to the way you work now and in the future which makes choosing an office space that’s set up and ready to go the smart way to start up.

What is a flexible office?

Flexible office space gives you freedom – the freedom to grow, the freedom to choose the space you want, the freedom to come and go as you please. Serviced offices are an all-inclusive option that save you time and money. You choose the space you need on a short term contract that gives your business room to grow. Whether you need hot desks or private desks you’ll find serviced offices to suit your needs.

Why choose the flexible office model?

Choose your location

Location is critical for the success of your business. That’s why you’ll find flexible office space right where you need to be, whether that’s close to key clients or in the right neighbourhood for your business.

Easy budgeting

A serviced office is the hassle-free option when it comes to managing your budget. With major services included in the fixed monthly price, budgeting for your new office is easy, with no unexpected charges.

Quick and easy setup

If you need to hit the ground running, you don’t want the hassle or headspace of sorting out services. Your office will be ready for immediate occupation with buy-in services as and when you need them, saving you time and money.

Flexibility and growth

Where will your business be in five years time? A flexible short term lease lets you grow your business and change the space you need at a month’s notice. And you’re better placed to attract and retain top talent by adding high-quality facilities when you need them.

Bespoke office solutions

Whether you need fully cabled workspace or private offices at a prestigious address, there’s a bespoke serviced office solution that meets your needs. You’ll only pay for what you need, when you need it, leaving you free to get on with running your business.

Free advice (landlord pays!)

95% of the time any brokerage or agent fees are paid by the landlord, rather than you. This helps keep the money in your pocket to spend on growing your business.

What’s included?

Most flexible offices have the same basic facilities to get you up and running fast. That saves you time and can help you make big cost savings.

– Basic services: Rent, business rates, building maintenance, security staff and cleaning services are all included, saving you the headache of having to manage them yourself

– Business services: Receptionists, answering services, couriers, stationery supplies and secretarial services are all available on a pay-as-you-use basis

– IT services: High-speed internet on tap ready to use with BYOD

– Furniture: Your office will be set up and configured ready to use

– Printers and photocopiers: Ready to use with your own laptop or desktop

– Audio-visual equipment: Raise the game in your presentations

– Catering: From stocking your fridge to fully catered business lunches

Need more space?

If your staff need showers, fitness classes, bike storage and childcare facilities, you’ll find serviced offices with additional high-quality facilities. Examples include:

Breakout spaces

Breaking out of the office environment is great for wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

Meeting rooms

Whether you need to create an impressive boardroom vibe or host a brainstorming roundtable, you’ll find flexible space with meeting rooms that wow your clients.


Private workspace is more valuable than ever. Opting for office pods gives privacy and professionalism to your new office.

Event space

Bringing your team together means finding networking space. Save time and effort with event space that works for you onsite and is included in your rental.

Pet friendly

Pet friendly offices improve morale and productivity and reduce workplace stress. Let us help you find a ‘pets allowed’ office.

Roof terrace

There’s nothing cooler than sipping your preferred beverage with a backdrop of the city skyline. A roof terrace lets you hold al fresco meetings or just relax and enjoy the view.

Is a flexible office right for you?


If you’re a startup or scaleup, a flexible office is ideal. Chances are you already know a business that’s opted for the freedom and versatility. Because you don’t know where your business will be in five years, a rolling monthly contract with so much baked in takes the hassle out of managing your office and that leaves you free to focus on attracting investment and talent. We’re a big fan of the term – ‘pay as you grow’.

Enterprise & corporates

When you need the flexibility to add and drop office space, serviced offices are the answer.

Find the right flexible office for your business.

Through our intuitive search platform, you can favourite and review your favourite, hand-selected offices. We only pick the very best locations and work with the most creative operators.

Nick Patterson

Nick Patterson

Nick is a co-founder of Properly.
Nick heads up the agency and advisory side of the business.

Nick Patterson

Nick Patterson

Nick is a co-founder of Properly.
Nick heads up the agency and advisory side of the business.

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