How long does it take to move offices?

How long does it take to move offices?

How long does it take to move offices?

How long does it take to move offices?

Whether you’ve outgrown your office or need room to grow, moving offices is no mean feat. Meticulous planning and searching for the perfect office take time. Then there’s the inevitable disruption to your business. If you’re looking for a seamless move, you need to create a timeline and set deadlines so that you and your team have a goal to work towards.

There are three critical factors to making the move –

– The type of office you choose – leased, managed or serviced
– The size of your team
– The length of the search process

It’s not an exact science, but if you nail those elements, your move will be smoother and easier.

Your moving strategy.

A smooth relocation depends on a great timeline. The earlier you timetable, the smoother the move becomes.

Keep it simple

Keep your schedule simple and easy to read with clear goals and bulleted dates and times. Let your team see the bigger picture at a glance.


Brainstorming with your team is efficient, endless meetings to agree a timeline is not. Delegate the task and provide a detailed checklist of things to consider.


No move ever goes completely smoothly. But if you update your timeline regularly you’ll minimise disruption and avoid downtime.

Moving to a leased office.

If you’re an established business looking for control over costs and company culture, you might opt for leased office space. It’s a blank space that you can fit out to meet the exact needs of your business. On the upside, you’ll have granular control over everything from partitions to cabling to furnishing. On the downside, you’ll need to manage every step of the operation from the initial search to the fit-out and move, which is an extremely arduous and time-consuming task.

Moving into a leased office takes careful planning and plenty of time:

– Office search: 1-2 months

– Lease agreement: 2-8 weeks

– Legal transaction: 2-3 months

– Office fit out: 2-6 months

Realistically your move could take between three months and a year and a half depending on the size of your team.

Moving to a managed office.

A managed office delivers flexible space and customisation. You’ll design the specification and the office provider then fits out the space. Bigger teams require a bigger space, so the more people you move, the more detailed your spec and the longer the fit-out will take. Creating a functional and efficient office design is harder than it looks. You’ll need to measure, design and furnish the space at least a month before the moving deadline.

Depending on team size your move could take:

– 1-3 months for teams of up to 50

– 2-4 months for teams up to 150

– 3-6 months for teams over 150

Moving to a flexible office or co working space.

Flexible offices make moving quick and easy because they’re set up and ready to go from day one. All your bills and running costs are managed by the office providers. Your space comes complete with office furniture and printers and photocopiers so just plug in your own laptop and hit the ground running. You can move in your team and bring your own device (BYOD) and the office provider will take care of everything else.

Before you commit to your new office space, you’ll need to review all the potential options. Depending on the size of your business, it can take time to check out each option and assess the risk.

– One deskers: it’s possible to view and complete on the same day but generally takes an average of 2 weeks to find the right office space

– Smaller teams: planning is critical as the search phase is the most time-intensive part of the move, so brainstorm with your team and set a realistic budget

– Teams of 20-50: Allow a month to find the right office that balances risk and opportunities for growth, but the process can be much faster if you know exactly what you’re looking for

Why flexible offices make a lot of sense.

Regardless as to the size of your business, the ease and accessibility of serviced office space makes sense. You’ll have the flexibility of choosing the space that suits you now with the option to pay as you grow.

Since you don’t have to focus on design, maintenance and fit-out, you can make the move fast once you and your team have decided on the space you need. That minimises disruption and downtime and gives your team a sense of ownership in their new space. It’s a great way to attract the talent you need to a versatile and productive workplace.

Find your perfect office space with Properly.

If you want to speed up the moving process and find the perfect office for you, Properly can help.

We take care of everything so you can take care of your business and move without a hitch. From search to signature, we’re here for you.

Nick Patterson

Nick Patterson

Nick is a co-founder of Properly.
Nick heads up the agency and advisory side of the business.

Nick Patterson

Nick Patterson

Nick is a co-founder of Properly.
Nick heads up the agency and advisory side of the business.

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